Our Story

We are the former owners of Causa’s Gymnastics Center! Illinois Elite Gymnastics opened back in November 2012, and after being away from the area since 2002, we are so excited to be back servicing the Illinois Valley area again!! Our Promise is to provide a highly qualified Gymnastics, Tumbling and Cheer Program that is designed to meet the needs of every student from ages 14 months to 18 years. Just as we had done when we were Causa’s Gymnastics, our program is always designed with safety in mind and to build strength and self-esteem in each and every gymnast that we teach.


Make-Up Classes

How do I schedule a make-up class for a missed class?

Make-up classes must be set up for the same skill level class as the student is normally in. For example, if the student is a level 1 class on Tuesdays and wishes to make up their class on Wednesday, it must be during the level 1 classes that are offered that day. To schedule a make-up classes, you must set it up with the front desk/office beforehand. (Only 1 make-up class is allowed per month)

I see that make-ups must be completed in the same month of the missed class. What if the student misses class in the last week of the month?

Classes that are missed in the last week of the month must be completed within that week or the 1st week of the following month.

Are there make-up classes for holidays?

Holidays that the gym is closed have been figured into other months. If you happen to have only 3 classes in a month due to closed holiday, then there will be month where there will be 5 weeks of classes to even out.

What holidays are you closed for?

Illinois Elite Gymnastics is closed for New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving (and the following Friday & Saturday), Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day. Make sure to keep an eye on the calendar for other day the gym will be closed.


How often are payments due and how do we make them?

Payments are due once a month, on the 25th of the prior month. For example: If you are paying for December classes, payments are due November 25th.

We require that all clients have a credit/debit card on file with our automatic withdraw system, which will automatically pull from your card on the 25th of the prior month. If you wish to use another payment method, you need to pay before the 25th.

Who do we make checks out to?

Checks can be made out to Illinois Elite Gymnastics. Please write the student name(s) in the memo with their class day and time. For example: Jane Smith – Wed 5pm (There is a $35 fee for all returned checks)

How do I cancel classes?

If you wish to cancel classes, you must notify the front desk/office by the 15th of the previous month. If you do not give notification in time, there will be a $15 cancellation fee.

How are refunds issued?

Refunds are made on a case by case basis. Please direct any refund inquiries to the front desk/office.



How do we get alerts about severe weather closings?

We use multiple sources to alert our clients when the gym is going to be closed due to mother nature’s wrath. If you are not already, please sign-up for Remind alerts by texting @ilelite to 81010. Along with Remind, alerts are also put out on the Facebook page, Website, and WAJK announcements.

What are the membership fees and what are the benefits?

The membership fees is an annual fee that is due on the anniversary of the month the student began classes. Membership fees give discounts on merchandise, camps, first chance at registrations, and others to come soon. Membership fees are $39.00 per single child or $59.00 per family.

How should students dress for class?

We require that all female students wear a leotard or fitted tank top, reasoning that t-shirts may rise up during upside down skills. They may wear t-shirt, shorts and/or sweatpants over leotard or fitted cami, however these loose items can cause issues/hazard for coaches while spotting certain tricks and the student may be asked to remove them. Male students may wear tee shirt, shorts and/or sweatpants. Tumbling shoes is recommended, but not mandatory.